Double 11: Sales Growth Despite Waning Enthusiasm

Although consumer enthusiasm for the “Double 11” was relatively lower compared to previous years, Alibaba Group Holding and announced they achieved sales growth during this year’s “Double 11” shopping festival.

Alibaba Group reported that as of Saturday midnight, over 402 brands had surpassed RMB 100 million in gross merchandise value (GMV), with 38,000 brands experienced a significant growth compared to the previous year. On November 11th, also highlighted that the cumulative transaction value for 300 brands exceeded RMB 100 million, with live broadcasts attracted over 320 million viewers. Transaction volume, order quantities, and user engagement all reached new highs.

The China’s State Post Bureau announced on Sunday that China has set a new record by handling 6.39 billion packages during the “Double 11” on Saturday, this volume was 1.87 times higher than regular days and represented a 15.76% increase compared to the same day last year. From November 1st to Saturday, the transaction volume saw a year-on-year growth of 23.22%.

This is in line with our prediction and confirmed by our own statistics on ChineseAN affiliate network platform.  Although “Double 11” is now just one of the shopping seasons in the region, it is still the most anticipated one. It now requires more effort to capture orders from consumers. When the heat of this festival has gradually cooled down over the years, making sure the brand is ‘hot’ during “Double 11” season is a key success factor. ChineseAN has been working with merchants to increase their brand exposure and publicity through a great number of channels, using performance driven payout model under the framework of affiliate marketing.  We make sure that the promotions of our merchant partners can capture the attention of consumers.